Hands For Africa Outreach (Gallery)

Hands for Africa is a nonprofit organization working to restore lost hope to those devastated by the civil war in Sierra Leone. We support amputees by developing and implementing self-reliance programs and providing the necessary aid for the [...]
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Meet Cat McCarthy

  Cat McCarthy – New York City & New Orleans     Who She Is:   Innovative Yoga Instructor/Trainer, Cat McCarthy, is based out of New York City and New Orleans.  She is the founder of registered yoga school NOLA YOGA and holds [...]
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Brazilian Butt Lift!

Brazilian Butt Lift! Starting position: Forearms and knees on the floor. Back straight, never arched. Step 1 Lift your right leg up towards the ceiling while maintaining a bent position (toes pointed up and knees pointing down). Pulse up 30 times! Step 2 In [...]
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Plank it Up!

Plank it Up! – 30 seconds in High Plank- 30 seconds in Side Plank (right)- 30 seconds in High Plank- 30 seconds in Side Plank (left)- 20 times Pike to Plank- 30 hip lifts in Side Plank (right)- 30 hip lifts in Side Plank (left)- 30 seconds High Plank! Rest [...]
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Give me 40!

Give me 40!   – 40 front lunges- 40 side lunges- 40 back lunges- 40 squats- 40 push ups- 40 crunches   No resting! Get a quick and amazing workout, just give me 40!